[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: Frédéric Crozat fred at crozat.net
Date: Thu Oct 18 23:49:30 EEST 2007
Le jeudi 18 octobre 2007 à 22:27 +0200, Tilman Vogel a écrit :
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> Hi again!
> Steve Greenland schrieb:
> > After the re-install, I've got /usr/share/mime/audio/x-vorbis.xml, which is:
> > 
> > <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> > <mime-type xmlns="http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/shared-mime-info" type="audio/x-vorbis">
> > <!--Created automatically by update-mime-database. DO NOT EDIT!-->
> >   <comment>OGG audio</comment>
> > </mime-type>
> > 
> > The 'globs' file does have "audio/x-vorbis:*.ogg". However, the
> > categories file, in category "audio", has "application/ogg" but NOT
> > "audio/x-vorbis". Maybe that's the problem? 
> Maybe, but at least it's the same on IT OS 2006.

And it is still broken, since the schema file shipped with the package
specify application/ogg for media player.

It would be wise to make sure audio/x-vorbis is a child of
application/ogg mimetype.

> > Throwing caution to the
> > wind, I recklessly and irresponsibly violated the "DO NOT EDIT!"
> > instruction and added "audio/x-vorbis" by hand. However, the media
> > player still doesn't find the oggs. Bugger. 
> Did you reboot in between? Maybe the media server needs to be restarted
> for that to take effect. Could be that on 2007 the media server uses
> categories?

Media player uses gconf configuration to know which gstreamer pipeline
should be used to play a file, according to its mimetype. Since schema
and mime.xml file are using mimetype, media player can't associate the
correct pipeline to recognize and play ogg file.

However, I tried to add the missing gconf info (and reboot) without any

It would be nice if a Nokia developer with access to Media player code 
could check what it wrong, compared to what is explained at 

Frédéric Crozat 

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