[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: James Sparenberg james at linuxrebel.org
Date: Fri Oct 19 03:15:40 EEST 2007
On Thursday 18 October 2007 10:16:51 Marius Vollmer wrote:
> "ext Steve Greenland" <steveg at moregruel.net> writes:
> > According to Marius Vollmer  <marius.vollmer at nokia.com>:
> >> Can you give more information about how the AM is slower than apt-get?
> >> Do you need to perform too many clicks in the UI to get your task
> >> done, or do you have to wait longer until it has downloaded and
> >> installed the packages?

The frustrations I have with AM are.

1.  the "update packages" event.  Every action requires that a full on rescan 
of the system be done.  Each one taking between 30 to 60 seconds to complete.

2.  Searches that return me to the wrong screen.  If for example I want to 
install pidgin.  I search for pidgin and rightfully get a number of packages 
(many I need to install some I don't want period) I have to do the following.

	a.  open AM
	b.  get asked if I want to update package lists.
	c.  click to browse installable packages.
	d.  wait for update packages (why it just did an update.)
	c.  search for pidgin.
	d.  chose to install 1st package.
	e.  click yes I want to install
	d.  Click yes I know it doesn't come from Nokia
	e.  Click OK for the install
	f.  package gets installed
	g.  click for placement of icon in menu
	h.  wait for update packages.
	i.  search for pidgin.
	j.  etc etc etc etc until all 6 or 7 packages are installed.

Now from a command line apt-cache search {app name) apt-get [list of packages] 
then open CP and move icon.  Equally as easy on my desktop is open  
Adept-Manager (kubuntu) search for app, click check boxes, OK dependencies if 
any and done.  In truth Adept Manager and synaptic are often easier than 
command line (even though I prefer command line.)


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