[maemo-users] Idea: Route Finder Service

From: Lars Persson Fink lars_p_fink at yahoo.se
Date: Fri Oct 19 10:17:09 EEST 2007
Jonathan, glad you like my idea. 

Hopefully we can get some developer to like it too. :-) 

Yes, the Route Finder Service would be available through an API (via
dbus) to all the system, but it would not be dependent on a GPS. 

My thought was that it would be possible to supply the service with a
source and a destination address and have respond with a route and
information about the route, for instance the estimated time. The Route
Finder Service could then ask Google (or some other web-service) OR the
GPS to calculate the route. 


fre 2007-10-19 klockan 02:09 -0400 skrev Jonathan Greene:
> very cool ... as I understand it the location service is available to
> the entire system and there's an API for this... (I'm not a developer
> either).  The N800 will also support this via Bluetooth GPS... with
> the new 2008 OS. 
> On 10/19/07, Lars Persson Fink <lars_p_fink at yahoo.se> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I (like most others) saw the news of the N810, with built in
>         GPS.
>         Someone suggested that the maemo community could work for more
>         location
>         aware applications, that got me thinking about the idea of the
>         Route 
>         Finder Service.
>         Unfortunately I do not have the time or competence needed in
>         order to
>         actually implement this, so I am posting it in the hope that
>         someone
>         else may do it.
>         I believe it would be nice to have a service that other
>         applications can 
>         ask for routes, not IP-routes but routes between locations.
>         This service
>         could then utilize other route providing services (GPS,
>         google, MS
>         virtual earth, local subway webpage etc) to find the actual
>         routes.
>         I think it would be useful if the service provided some
>         "plugin"
>         functionality, preferably through some scripting language, so
>         it would
>         be easy to extend it towards different route providing
>         services. For 
>         instance I believe most Subways have a web-page that you can
>         ask to get
>         information about trips, but they are all different, so the
>         service
>         would have to be adapted.
>         Some examples:
>         1. If I select an address in my address book I could ask the
>         application 
>         to give me directions on how to go there.
>         2. My calendar could check the location of my next appointment
>         and get
>         my current location from the GPS to send off an alarm a couple
>         of
>         minutes before I need to leave, based on the Route Finder
>         service 
>         estimation of the travel time.
>         Best Regards,
>         Lars Persson Fink
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