[maemo-users] N810 is here (ogg support)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Oct 19 11:59:05 EEST 2007

ext Krischan Keitsch wrote:
> Am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007 schrieben Sie:
>> ext Krischan Keitsch wrote:
>>> Am Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007 schrieb Collin R. Mulliner:
>>>> OGG is only a nerd feature and also has other problems, so Nokia (and
>>>> other companies) just don't care. Maybe somebody can make a plugin (also
>>>> this won't utilize the DSP).
>>> I don't agree with ogg = nerd feature. Linux as an open and free platform
>>> is way beyond nerd-state. Ogg is also about openness and freedom. They
>>> share the same philosophy.
>>> The OS of our internet tablets is based upon Linux, isn't it? So why is
>>> there no support for ogg?
>>> By the way: every time a new stylish personal media player from china is
>>> shown on engadget you will find more and more players with support for
>>> flac and ogg vorbis. Hmm, something is changing?
>> I think whether Nokia is going to support ogg or not is somewhat
>> besides the point.  What should be supported is:
>> - Addition of support for new codecs to the system
>>    (works, but the repository situation could be better)
>> - All applications immediately able to use the new codecs
>> - User opening a file (in browser or filemanager) encoded with the new
>>    codec should automatically open it in the correct player
>> - Documenting how to achieve this
>> This way Nokia doesn't need to be a bottleneck in getting new codecs
>> for the users; community, commercial companies etc could then do it.
> I agree with you. The "missing ogg support" can also be seen as a synonym for 
> missing codex in general, missing specs, information and commitment. Can we 
> interpret your post that things will change? And when?

Sorry, this is not really my area and I don't know the situation in
Chinook.  Quim?

I think everything should work at the gstreamer level, but at least
earlier the higher levels hard-coded some things because:
- Maemo has actually two multimedia frameworks below osso-media-server,
   Helix and Gstreamer working over Gnomevfs
- Whether something could be played depends from whether they are
   available as a local file or a remote stream, not just the used

So, there shouldn't be any need for any Maemo specific specs, these
things are documented in upstream projects.  There should still be
a tutorial how to do these things though.

If there are still some problems after codec has been
correctly registered to gstreamer and mime-type database:
- gstreamer not recognizing the file type correctly
- mediaplayer not playing the file
- file manager or browser not launching the media player properly
Please file bugs.

> Will the community soon have the necessary information, sdk, tools etc. to 
> fully take advantage of the capabilities of the internet tablet hardware 
> (especially the dsp)? 

DSP is another, unrelated issue to the above one.  Quim?

> What you wrote sounds promissing! There are highly skilled and talented people 
> around here - I think they are just waiting for the facts to release the 
> potential of the internet tablets! Give them what they need!

	- Eero

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