[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: dave dave at rodrig.com
Date: Fri Oct 19 18:35:51 EEST 2007
> It should stay online for days, not hours. Something is wrong with
> your setup. I would guess that the AP is somehow broken regards to
> WLAN Power Save Mode. Can you try with some other AP to see if it
> helps? Also make sure that N800 isn't transmitting anything extra, for
> example transmitting a packet every second would kill the battery
> quite quickly.
> Alternatively you could use a wireless sniffer to take a dump of WLAN
> level traffic and send it to me. I could take a look and see if
> there's something strange.
> It's a shame that there are so many broken APs on the market. I see
> lots of them when dealing with bug reports :( I guess WLAN Power Save
> Mode was really rare earlier, but fortunately nowadays it's getting
> more popular and AP manufactures have noticed the problem.

hmmm. My N800 recently  began running the battery dry in only a half day or
so; as you mention, it used to go days between charges. This began suddenly
with no change in habits or new packages having been installed. Since I
really only use the device at home and at work, I ruled out anything to do
with the whether or not the APs support WLAN Power Save Mode. As I said, it
all worked great until recently.

It is frustrating. Even if I charge overnight, I'm sure to hear the N800's
plaintive wail for the power adapter just after lunchtime. Could my battery
simply be dying? Is there any way to check?

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