[maemo-users] N810: any AZERTY keyboard?

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Sat Oct 20 14:19:54 EEST 2007
Kalle Valo a écrit :
> "ext Jean-Christian de Rivaz" <jc at eclis.ch> writes:
>>>I guess you get the German layout in Switzerland.
>>Thanks for the info, I hope that your guess is right as the standard 
>>German keyboard in far more near the standard Swiss one (French standard 
>>keyboard is very different). Is there any picture of the N810 German 
>>keyboard somewhere on the Web ?
> I have only seen a US keyboard. But you can switch keyboard layouts
> from Control Panel and, for example, I have been happily using a US
> keyboard with finnish layout. Of course it took me few days to learn
> the new keys, but it wasn't that bad.
> My point here is that even if you get the wrong keyboard, you can
> still change the layout.

Humm. This will work of course, but this is not somthing I will be happy 
to use for a $500 new device.

Jean-Christian de Rivaz

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