[maemo-users] N810 . Email Client / RSS Client

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Sun Oct 21 20:29:34 EEST 2007
Fred Chittenden wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Oct 2007 11:45:25 +0200
> Luca Olivetti <luca at ventoso.org> wrote:
>> En/na Alan Williamson ha escrit:
>>> Is the Email client still p*ss poor when it comes to IMAP folders?
>>> Or have they actually fixed that?
>> Oh, is the standard email client supposed to work? Since it couldn't
>> even authenticate to my server (I'm using cram-md5) I just though it
>> was there to occupy a slot in the menu and went on installing claws.
>> A bit slow at times but it works ok[*] with imap.
>  IMHO, for email cients, Nokia ought to figure out how to makeclaws the
> default client.  Or at least pick a version of it to call
> something like 'tab-claws' and get on with other things, like perhaps
> getting some subset of open office or star office (or perhaps what
> symbian had working on the Mako PDA) working on the tablet for
> some minor word and excel compatibility. 

Re: what to do with the built-in email client: replace it with an API so 
that when programs want to save by "send via email", they can pick any 
application to do so.  Then whatever built in client is there can be 
100% replaceable.  My only reason for even bothering to config the 
built-in client is so that I can email my meeting notes to myself with 
just a click or two.

I use clawmail becuase it's what's available for real IMAP support, but 
I wouldn't pick it as the ideal solution.  There are few UI things I'd 
want to see get changed:

1) In the folder list view, make it easier to manipulate the little 
triangles that reveal/hide sub-folders. (I filed a bug report for this 
with clawsmail, and I'm waiting to hear if it gets fixed)

2) Add a mode where your folder list view will only display folders with 
unread messages, folders you've accessed during the current session, or 
folders you've marked as "favorites" (so, a menu with 4 options: All, 
Unread, Recent, Favorite).  This will make it MUCH easier to access 
multiple accounts and/or accounts with tons of folders (like mine). 
When they added this to thunderbird, it was a godsend.  (I filed a 
feature request for this with clawsmail, and they said no)

3) When composing messages, the behavior is a little visually annoying 
the way it moves the to/from entries from the top to the bottom of the 
screen and such.  It seems like the UI wasn't exactly designed for the 
tablets, at least not designed for using the tablets with the stylus 
keyboard.  I'd like to see this cleaned up a little.

If they did all of that, I might like clawsmail more.  But, actually, I 
find myself preferring just falling back on my webmail servers (I use 
communigate pro both at work and at home) rather than dealing with 
clawsmail.  Normally I hate webmail interfaces ... but I find that to be 
less annoying than dealing with clawsmail.

I sort of wish that, like they did with replacing the web browser with 
Firefox, they'd just port Thunderbird and clean up its interface for 
working on the smaller screen.  Oh, and, sync tools for the contacts 
list, so that your desktop contacts list is kept in sync with the PDA's.

But, that might not be the best plan.  The best plan (even though I'm 
not much of a gmail user) might be:

* Work with Google to get Google's Gmail Contacts list added to the 
Google API
* Work with Google to add Folder support to Google Bookmarks
* Work with Google to get the mobile apps (at least gmail, calendar, and 
docs) ported to maemo, so that you can cache your messages, calendar 
stuff, and docs for off-line reading and composing, and then sync them 
when you get on-line again.
* Work with Google to make a sync tool between maemo Contacts and 
Bookmarks with Google's.
* Oh, and make it all work with the "Google Apps for (Enterprise, 
Education, Your Domain)" services.  That includes adding this support to 
the Gmail Notifier (at work we're contemplating moving some of our email 
stuff to Google Apps for Education, and Gmail Notifier only half-works 
with "Google Apps for X"; it'll tell you when you've got new mail, but 
it wont take you to your hosted gmail, only to the generic gmail).

Nice platform independent and network focused services that fit some of 
the other google focused things maemo comes with.  And, given that 
Google wants to provide software for a mobile platform, they might be 
entirely open to the idea.  And it benefits Maemo by finally having a 
central mechanism for syncing important data, and an office equivalent 
productivity suite (word processing, spread sheet, presentation 
graphics, calendar, and full service email).  I think this would be a 
win-win-win (win for nokia, win for google, win for us).

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