[maemo-users] Moving filesystem to card?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Oct 22 11:35:56 EEST 2007
Mike Mellor wrote:
> I am a new 770 user.  I read that moving the filesystem to the media  
> card improves the computer's performance.  Is this really a big  
> improvement, or can I use the entire card for files (movies)?

Major improvement is visible only with custom kernel
Please note that it doesn't work with every card. It works for me with 
Kingston 2GB MMCmobile, YMMV.

With default nokia kernel is is about the same. Maybe it feels slightly 
more responsible due to lower CPU usage (flash filesystem is compressed, 
mmc card is not) but it is not substantial.

The main advantage is easier recovery in case something goes wrong and 
more space for applications (depends on size you choose for root ext2 

or bottom of


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