[maemo-users] Steve's Ranty Review #1: N800 ogg support

From: Kemal Hadimli disqkk at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 22 18:27:07 EEST 2007
On 10/22/07, Steve Greenland <steveg at moregruel.net> wrote:
> much faster. But I'm a little baffled -- it still shows (some) lib*
> packages, which I would consider the first thing to filter out, since
> they'll be installed by dependencies, and there is little reason (for a
> non-developer, at least) to installa particular library.

Speaking of libs, why is the "incompatible package" error still there?
IMO the app manager should just allow the installation of any
category, not just user/*. This is a problem because some applications
don't use the repository method, and installing the dependencies from
the maemo garage is a problem. Then, users are instructed to switch to
red pill mode by the application developers, or sometimes the app
developers just repackage the libraries in the category "user/libs" so
that the packages can be installed from the garage. Both should not
happen, and the way to prevent it is to allow any category (or maybe
just "libs") to be installed manually from the app manager.

Some of the developers won't use the repositories no matter what you
do, and as far as I can tell/analyze, the reasons are:

- It's hard (well, not well-documented) to get access to, and to set
up keys etc.
- Distributing files from garage downloads are much easier (and can
track download counts)

They don't care about the advantages (easy rolling of releases and
auto-installation of dependencies) because there are ways to get
around them. They can just open a thread in ITT and announce, and
instruct people about the red pill mode if needed.

And yeah, this bothers me. Red pill mode shouldn't be used by
non-developers (or even non system developers) and there should be
ways to install bare "libs". You could keep a track of
manually-(user-)installed libs and show them in the package list, and
still hide the other (system) library packages. Of course a better way
could be not to hide any packages, but introduce better
organization/categorization in the app manager so nobody has to use
the "All" option (and move it to the bottom too) yet still nobody sees
system packages in the list, without ticking a checkbox in preferences
or without going into the system packages category.


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