[maemo-users] What I've been using for a case

From: John Rudd john at rudd.cc
Date: Tue Oct 23 17:13:00 EEST 2007
I found this for cheap.  I cut up two pieces of a mouse pad to put in 
the main pouch, to use as padding for the N800 (it makes for a slightly 
tight fit having those pads in there; if you don't feel you need 
want/that, the N800 will fit in there in its slip case, but the pads 
make it so that you cannot put the N800 in with the slip case on ... 
that's how closely the pouch fits the size of the N800).

What I carry in it:
    main pocket:    N800 + two N800 sized pieces of mousepad
    zipper pocket:  extra stylus, microfiber wipe, USB SD/MMC card reader
    2 open pockets: each has 1 SD card case (1 is the one that came with
                       the N800, the other is a full SD card case that
                       came with one of my 2GB SD cards)

The only thing it's not: waterproof.  So, on days it might rain, I carry 
it in a Hefty "One Zip" bag (the first size above "sandwitch" size; 
don't recall what that size is called).  Looks kinda funny, but at least 
I know it wont get wet in the rain.  Oh, and, the case fits in the chest 
pocket of my jacket.

I imagine that, with the N810, it'll give a slight bit more room.

I kind of want to remove the wrist strap and add a slightly larger one, 
since my hand is slightly too big for the strap it has.  I also might 
change around what I carry in it when/if I get a KRZR or SLVR phone.

Here's the URL:


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