[maemo-users] WPA difficulties

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Fri Oct 26 02:46:30 EEST 2007
Pretty much everything is working on my N800, including all my WEP 
connections. WPA, however, is not.

The campus LAN uses a hidden SSID and requires my MAC address and 
provides a username and password. This works fine in WPA Enterprise 
using Network-Manager on my Ubuntu Gutsy laptop:

Network Name: (the SSID)
Key: Auto Default
Phase2: None
Identity: (username)
Password: (password)
Anon Ident: (username again)
Client Cert: none
CA Cert: none
Priv Key: none
Priv Key password: blank

In OS 2007, I am using:

Connection name: (I made one up)
Connection type: WLAN
SSID: (the SSID)
Network is hidden: checked
Mode: Infrastructure
Security: WPA with EAP
Select cert: none
EAP method: MSCHAPv2
Usename: (username)
Password: (password)
Prompt for password: unchecked (ie No)

In Advanced/EAP:
Use manual username: checked
Manual username: (username)
Require client auth: checked

This spins its wheels and says Authentication Failure. One of the 
networking engineers has gone through this with me on the N800 and says 
the settings make sense and it all appears to be what is needed...it 
just won't connect. He said he can see the request coming through on his 
network monitor from my MAC address, but it fails to authenticate.

The problem (in my inexpert understanding) seems to be that WPA allows 
for two modes of authentication: (a) client authenticates server and (b) 
server authenticates client, but the setting "Require client 
authentication" is ambiguous because it's not clear from whose 
perspective this is phrased: the client's or the server's :-)  It fails 
no matter which way it's checked.

Is there a known problem with WPA authentication? Or am I doing 
something obviously wrong?


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