[maemo-users] Brick after battery dying?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Oct 26 18:46:28 EEST 2007

ext Jonathan D. Proulx wrote:
> I must say I'm not exactly loving my n800...
> Battery died while in sleep mode over night (sayd it had days of idle
> time available but I guess waking up every 10min to scan for wireless
> killed it).  This morning after hours of charging and while plugged in
> it will not power up.  The back light comes onand the screen goes
> white, once I even got a Nokia logo, then it dies.

Does this happen about 6 secs after the device boots?

> I did find some references to this happening on line and the answer
> seems to be to reflash from linux, is that really the only answer?
> I've only had the thing 5 days, I can do this if I must but I'd really
> rather not.

Which software release you have?  Have you installed some extra
software to the device?

If you have the very first SW release in your device (Chinook which
comes out soon, is fourth SW release for N800), I think that was the one
with the DSME + RSS applet bugs which were fixed a long time ago.

The issue was following:

RSS applet caused the device Home application to crash when loading
certain kind of RSS feed content from the network (by default the applet
refreshes the feeds automatically from network) which causes device
reboot.  On next boot RSS applet reads the content from the cache which
causes a reboot loop.

(in newer releases Home is restarted without applets after crash,
i.e. there's no need for reboot and applet related reboot-loops cannot

Then there was a bug that if device crashed enough times in a row,
it never came up until it was reflashed.  You can test whether it's
this bug by setting the device into R&D mode with the (Linux)
flasher program, it should then boot (further).  If you had the RSS
applet issue, this doesn't get the device further up though, so only
way to fix this is reflashing the device.  The newer releases have
many other improvements (Skype support, Flash 9 etc).

	- Eero

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