[maemo-users] Installing apps when there's no installer

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Oct 27 16:58:19 EEST 2007
James Sparenberg wrote:
[alternate install location]
> No easy method no. On the other hand one of the first things a deb 
> installer does is check to see if it can install. (meaning it has
> enough space) and then bomb out if it doesn't.

That'll do nicely.

> I might be possible to unpack the deb and do some hand manipulation
> (also involves a chicken bone and eye of newt at midnight.)  but no
> easy way I know of.

That's not a problem. I'm accustomed to passing dead chickens over the 
keyboard, and I know the "right" directory structure (TDS) and where to 
put it.

> Problem here is that the creators of deb/rpm/etc haved intentionally 
> pushed this function to the side to maintain ease of use for the
> greatest number of users. Those of us who dare try the chicken bone
> ritual are on our own.

Absolutely. It's the one area where the otherwise intolerable Windows 
installation nov^H^H^Hwizards score: they *ask* where you want it put, 
which is precisely what most Unix users *don't* want to have to bother 
with. The problem only really arises on systems with very restricted 
internal (/usr/share, /usr/local) space (PDAs) but with potentially 
large volumes off to one side like /media. Perhaps it's time to suggest 
that .debs could provide installation parameters like

filetree: texmf
default-install-location: /usr/share
alternate-install-location: /usr/local/share
alternate-install-location: /mnt/*
alternate-install-location: /media/*

(the * meaning "prompt user"). Purists will hate the idea of initiating 
a dialog during an install, but for applications which have a very large 
data footprint like TeX, I think it's justifiable.

> oh and you can't execute a binary from the mmc cards by default either.  File 
> system mount thing.

Ah. But presumably you can
$ ln -s /media/disk1/texmf/bin/latex /usr/local/bin/
(it certainly worked on the Zaurus).


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