[maemo-users] Full screen Navigation

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Sun Oct 28 05:22:48 EET 2007
I'm sorta with you here ...

The new OS is more finger friendly, but not enough.  Basic system
navigation is larger and easier to deal with just with fingers, but
once you are in an application, it's back to the very small stylus
required UI.  There must be a way to get this to be easier... not sure
I want a widget per se, but a better tap and hold menu perhaps.

This is actually something I've been thinking about a lot with the
N810 as there's a considerable amount of emphasis it seems to move
away from the stylus with the keyboard, yet you need the stylus to do
things which _could_ be easier.

My thought is that you should see a finger menu (or whatever the on
screen requirements are) or a stylus menu in the same manner that pops
the right keyboard based on your usage.  Hopefully developers will
realize that there's a great deal of potential here and make new
applications for 2008 more finger friendly...

On 10/27/07, Fred Chittenden <drfredc at drfredc.com> wrote:
> Perhaps i'm finger impaired.
> When viewing tan app in the full screen format on an n800, like the
> browser, one ought to be able to tap the upper right corner
> (which might optionally display a small 8x8 pxl button) to get
> a hidden tool to popup for users to choose to minimize, go
> back/forward in browsers, select app window, and/or kill the top app.
>  Tapping the upper right corner should pop up the default program menu
> -- again with the user option to display a small button in the corner.
> Having to use the button option in full screen mode seems out of the
> 'flow'.
> It would seem a useful but simple OS wide navigation tool to have for
> handheld pad products.
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