[maemo-users] N800 won't connect via WPA2...says "network does not support"

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Oct 28 15:00:46 EET 2007
Mike Klein wrote:
> Addnly I am using WRT54GL w/DD-WRT firmware (v24-RC1). I can certainly
> try an update of dd-wrt firmware as well....unfortunately earlier today
> I bricked my primary 54gl and am now on backup unit....thk goodness I
> had a spare. So the router firmware update may have to wait until get
> another backup unit...only $60 so no biggie.
> Unless my 8525 is lying (certainly possible...perhaps hidden fallback to
> WPA?)...my network DOES support wpa2.

I believe it *is* a fallback. I had reports from a Mac user that getting 
into the campus network (which *is* WPA) involved switching to WPA2. On 
investigation this turned out to be that the WPA driver in Vista was 
buggy, so everything was set up using the WPA2 drivers, and all users 
were configured for this, *including* Mac users (!) even though the 
connection didn't actually use any WPA2 features. On the same network, 
my Gutsy connects with N-M using plain WPA. I'm not any kind of expert 
in this, so I'm just reproducing what the networking gureaux have told 
me. YMMV. The N800 absolutely will *not* connect to the WPA network in 
the current circumstances (I have yet to try it with certificates).

I wish there was some kind of step-by-step trace mode for connections 
that would show the exchange of information between AP and client.


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