[maemo-users] Installing apps when there's no installer

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Sun Oct 28 14:29:53 EET 2007
I hope we get past the deb installations soon and would encourage
every developer to use the repositories and one-click methods so the
users can more easily manage applications and more importantly

The New OS 2008 will backup your repositories and make it easier to
restore applications on a flash.  If they are not listed users will
once again have to remember and hunt down what they were using.

On 10/28/07, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
> James Sparenberg wrote:
> [me]
> >> filetree: texmf
> >> default-install-location: /usr/share
> >> alternate-install-location: /usr/local/share
> >> alternate-install-location: /mnt/*
> >> alternate-install-location: /media/*
> >>
> >> (the * meaning "prompt user"). Purists will hate the idea of initiating
> >> a dialog during an install, but for applications which have a very large
> >> data footprint like TeX, I think it's justifiable.
> >
> > But allowing files all over the place violates the FHS.
> Sure...so do it with a soft link /media/whatever/texmf /usr/share/texmf
> It's not important *how* it's done, merely to provide for its doing.
> Otherwise it makes the package more hardware-dependent than it need be.
> ///Peter
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