[maemo-users] Brick after battery dying?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Oct 29 16:19:35 EET 2007

ext Alan Williamson wrote:
> Peter Flynn wrote:
>> Kalle Valo wrote:
>>> "ext Jonathan D. Proulx" <jon at csail.mit.edu> writes:
>>>> Battery died while in sleep mode over night (sayd it had days of idle
>>>> time available but I guess waking up every 10min to scan for wireless
>>>> killed it).
>>> Nope, WLAN scanning every 10 minutes shouldn't kill the battery. I
>>> don't remember the exact figures but it should last days also in that
>>> state.
>> Mine certainly seems to, although I haven't tested it to exhaustion.
>> But I find it worrying that anyone could implement an interface which 
>> doesn't have a "go to standby" button, even if the timeout actually does 
>> that. Bad ergonomics.
> for my own experience, the battery life on the N800 sucks big time.
> i get no where near the time it claims to -- and i sometimes get stuck 
> in this reboot problem when the battery goes completely.   I have a new 
> problem in that it doesn't always charge.
> i have had Nokia's all my life and this is the first device from them 
> that doesn't feel solid in terms of power.  It feels shaky and i 
> wouldn't leave home without my power lead.  i have tried changing 
> battery and it makes 0 difference.

Have you installed _any_ extra software to the device?

(WLAN AP that doesn't implement power management properly can be also an 

	- Eero

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