[maemo-users] Brick after battery dying?

From: Alan Williamson alan at blog-city.com
Date: Mon Oct 29 16:47:03 EET 2007
>> 1. Canola has not been physically run in MONTHS!
> That is the wrong assumption: iirc it installs a web server, which run
> as daemon, no matter what.

yup, true, that one i can nuke.  thank you.

> 2. The device does not charge; i plug in the power supply and nothing! 
>> i have to wiggle and *sometimes* it churps that the battery is charging
> yes, that's probably a mechanical issue
>> So irrespective of the software on the device, the ability to put in the 
>> charger and expect it to charge is not one i would deem unreasonable!
> sure, i was commenting on the "I haven't run canola for months" part.


has Nokia had many returns for the N800?

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