[maemo-users] N800 Disk Full? Erratic Behavior SOLVED

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Oct 29 16:42:49 EET 2007

ext James Sparenberg wrote:
> On Sunday 28 October 2007 21:35:38 you wrote:
>>> Ok rundown one section at a time.
>> <snip>
>> 	Thank you for going through one at a time. It has helped me to
>> understand.
>>> Alright.  The following might go a long way to improving things for you.
>>> 1.  Don't save files in /home/user  if all they are is "data" (if it
>>> isn't a lib/driver or executable it's data)
>> 	That seemed to be a large part of my problem. I moved all data files
>> onto the memory cards. I had deleted all included pictures, videos, and
>> users guides save the one I use at the time I flashed the device.

Note: due to how JFFS2 filesystem (on the device root filesystem),
the fuller the filesystem is, the more RAM it also uses (use 50MB
of your root file system and the amount of your free RAM goes down
a few MB too).

>>> 2.  Make a decission on what software you actually use.  I've got a ton
>>> of programs installed and I'm no where near 80% on /  I also use every
>>> one of the programs I have installed.  Daily.  It's just to easy to
>>> install on the fly if I need something to worry about what I might need.
>> 	I did just that and uninstalled a lot of software. I'm afraid I'm
>> somewhat of a virtual packrat as well.
>>>  Also this is *nix
>>> if you have installed on another box just run it from there.  No need to
>>> have it all local (same thing for data)
>> 	I would do this except for a large part of the day I'm out of wifi
>> range. So I need that data and programs locally.

Collect the application deps on MMC and install only the libraries
they depend from.  Then you can install/remove them on demand.
That is slow though, so I wouldn't do it except for something that
I need only very seldomly, but is then very important (such as
nethack. ;-)).

>>> 3.  go into your (what is that windows word..... oh yeah) control panel
>>> and click memory and enable swap.  Life will be better.  Running as heavy
>>> as you are with installed apps and files, it's likely that the OS really
>>> could stand a memory boost.  That's what this will provide.
>> 	I do that right after flashing a new image.
>>> The IT is a small foot print device and a Linux system.  Both of which
>>> shift the way non *nix users think about computers.
>> 	All of the things mentioned above have reduced "disk" usage
>> significantly. Thank you to all who have replied!
>> Best Regards,
> As for going through it one line at a time.  Hey I'm just paying it forward a 
> bit here.  Sooner or later it will be your turn to add to the mix.  
> Some things that would help .... get larger, or more  SD cards.  Then you can 
> swap them out for the sake of data access.  (the outside card is hot 
> swapable.)   

	- Eero

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