[maemo-users] need a community board?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Mon Oct 29 18:45:49 EET 2007
Berhan SOYLU wrote:
> I think we need a community message board. Nowadays, there comes nearly 
> 20 mails per a day...mail group is so primitive for this..Is there 
> anyone who knows why we don't have o message board like phpbb, smf or 
> something like etc...?

I can only speak for myself but the last thing on earth I want is a 
web-based message-board. I want the messages to come to me, not me have 
to go to the messages. The forms-based mechanism for replies is horribly 
clumsy on all the ones I have used, and the repositories don't thread 
properly, and people fill up their messages with all kinds of fancy HTML 

20 mails a day is nothing. I can filter them, killfile a thread if 
needed, and keep the ones I want for reference -- on *my* disk, so I can 
refer to them whenever, rather than relying on someone else's server.

No problem in having it both ways, with the list replicated to a BB 
front-end like LISTSERV, with a proper searchable archive and a form for 
posting. But please let's not drop the email mechanism: it's too valuable.

YMMV :-)

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