[maemo-users] need a community board?

From: Steve Greenland steveg at moregruel.net
Date: Mon Oct 29 20:34:41 EET 2007
According to Berhan SOYLU <berhan at gmail.com>:
> I think we need a community message board. Nowadays, there comes nearly 20
> mails per a day...mail group is so primitive for this..Is there anyone who
> knows why we don't have o message board like phpbb, smf or something like
> etc...?

If you really would prefer a slow mouse-driven interface with no
automation to a fast keyboard-driven text interface with filtering,
scoring, and killfiles, there's always gmane.org:


You can even have a blog interface without threading:


More seriously: if you think that email is primitive and the various
forum systems are superior, you simply haven't been introduced to the
right tools, tools that have been developed for years specifically to
handle large volumes of list mail.

Tool number one is a proper threading mail-reader such as mutt, along
with any of the various mail processors to sort list mail into various
folders, rather than piling up in the inbox. 

Tool number two is a newsreader (NNTP, NOT RSS) such as trn (my
preference, but pretty much dead) or slrn (still developed, better
for people who don't have the trn keystrokes burned into their brains
from 20 years of use) or pan (GUI, but with decent keyboard controls
and excellent filtering capabilities) pointed at news.gmane.org, which
allows you to read pretty much any popular mailling list with all the
features designed to allow people to deal with literally thousands of
posts per day.


Steve Greenland
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