[maemo-users] Does N770 have a REAL memory limit to 64MB?

From: Ádrian Lívio nhdezoito at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 29 23:21:11 EET 2007
Ryan Pavlik escreveu:
> ?drian L?vio wrote:
>> Mike Yue escreveu:
>>> When I booted the N770 from internal flash memory, I couldn't run as 
>>> many apps as I booted from MMC card, so I thought the MMC card had 
>>> already done the job extending the real memory.
>>> But, seems I was wrong.
>>> Now my N770 is booted from MMC card ext2 partition(around 450MB). 
>>> From command "top", I can see only 64M memory there, and over 95% used:
>>> Mem: 60672K used, 1552K free, 0K shrd, 872K buff, 27736K Cached.
>>> From command "df", I can see the root filesystem(/dev/mmcblk0p2 is 
>>> the MMC card partition ext2, now mounted to /)
>>> Filesystem         1k-blocks         Used             Available     
>>> Use%  Mounted on
>>> /dev/mmcblk0p2     464324            158407           281945        
>>> 36%   /
>>> So, I am wondering if it is possible to extend the REAL memory to 
>>> MMC card, and if someone has done that job?
>>> BTW, as the article(howto_easily_boot_from_mmc_card) said, the N770 
>>> should run much faster than booting from internal flash memory, but 
>>> I don't see that difference. Did I do something wrong?
>>> Thanks for your attentions, and appreciate for any replies.
>>> Mike
>> Look the table from 
>> http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/platforms/maemo/index.html#featured
>> The 770 haves 64M of RAM memory. The use of the mmc card expands the 
>> memory avaliable to install programs (128M). Then using the MMC you 
>> got more spaces to install application, but you yet have the same 
>> memory to run programs.
>> []s
> This is not an accurate statement.  The MMC card offers additional 
> file storage (it shows up in applications and the File manager).  
> Additionally, you can enable "extend virtual memory" which offers a 
> sort of "swap space" which lets you run more applications at once 
> (extending the 64mb built in ram with a slower flash-backed "hard 
> drive").  Using a standard 770, you cannot increase the amount of 
> space to _install_ applications: this is limited to 128.
> Booting from MMC (a rather complicated, advanced maneuver) lets you 
> install as many applications as will fit on the MMC card you purchased 
> - in this case, I believe the card will _not_ show up as "Removable 
> Memory Card" in the file manager or applications, as it is essentially 
> serving as the system's internal 'hard drive'-type device.
Hi Ryan Pavlik,
Then, is possible to enable both solutions, boot from mmc and use swap 
in mmc?

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