[maemo-users] WPA difficulties

From: Kalle Valo Kalle.Valo at nokia.com
Date: Tue Oct 30 09:20:02 EET 2007
"ext Peter Flynn" <peter at silmaril.ie> writes:

> Pretty much everything is working on my N800, including all my WEP 
> connections. WPA, however, is not.
> The campus LAN uses a hidden SSID and requires my MAC address and 
> provides a username and password. This works fine in WPA Enterprise 
> using Network-Manager on my Ubuntu Gutsy laptop:
> Network Name: (the SSID)
> Key: Auto Default
> Phase2: None
> Identity: (username)
> Password: (password)
> Anon Ident: (username again)
> Client Cert: none
> CA Cert: none
> Priv Key: none
> Priv Key password: blank
> In OS 2007, I am using:
> Connection name: (I made one up)
> Connection type: WLAN
> SSID: (the SSID)
> Network is hidden: checked
> Mode: Infrastructure
> Security: WPA with EAP
> EAP Type: PEAP
> Select cert: none
> EAP method: MSCHAPv2
> Usename: (username)
> Password: (password)
> Prompt for password: unchecked (ie No)
> In Advanced/EAP:
> Use manual username: checked
> Manual username: (username)
> Require client auth: checked

I think you should try with client auth disabled, because you have
disabled similar sounding setting (Client Cert) from Network Manager.

> Is there a known problem with WPA authentication? Or am I doing 
> something obviously wrong?

I'm not aware of any big problems with WPA authentication. With EAP
there's always a Radius server involved, so maybe this is a some kind
of interoperability problem with the Radius server?

If you have the time, I would appreciate if you could file a bug
report to bugzilla. Try to include as much as information as possible.

Kalle Valo

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