[maemo-users] n800 user reviews

From: Fred Chittenden drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Wed Oct 31 03:49:59 EET 2007
On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:54:19 -0700
"Jon Dodson" <jbdodson at gmail.com> wrote:

> ive checked the specs and pricing on the n800 and i was wondering if
> anyone had some honest feedback after using it for a few months++.
> The review sites rate it based on a few days of use(if that) and
> thats not a really good review of how good or bad it is.
> i am a power user who plans on installing apt, bash, ssh(client) and
> mplayer, etc to get stuff to work like it were a small(form factor)
> laptop.   with that specifically:
> can i plug in usb stuff to it?  i can get usb converters i dont care
> about that.
> do bluetooth headsets work with it?  as in you got something to
> work?  if so what kind?
> battery is advertised to be about 3 hours for wifi and 5 for video,
> does that seem to mesh with your experience?
> does the battery life degrade over time badly?
> did you find yourself needing more than the two flash card slots?  do
> you use more than 4 gigs of storage(2 gig sd seems cheap now).
> how is the UI overall?  i can console but i do enjoy ease of use(i
> find gnome easy to use).
> appreciate the feedback(if any).
My n800 has almost replaced my laptop.  I use the n800 about 70% of the
time I'd otherwise have used my laptop.

*  I carry it almost everywhere
since I can almost always find an open wifi signal in a few minutes if I
want to hook up.  

* It's good, not great at youtube like stuff,  It doesn't do quicktime
movies, so far.

*No blue tooth earphones -- but then that would cut
battery life, especially if one attemped wifi internet and blue tooth
ear phones at the same time.  I'll err on the side of battery life,
besides the n800 ear phones are also the fm radio antenna.  

*No office suite,  so far.  

*It worked great in Europe phoning home (USA) at 1.2 cents a minute
gismo project.  

 It boots up quickly, or you can suspend key and screen for immediate
access with long battery life.  

*The desktop is easy to organize to read emails and rss's.  This alone
saves me perhaps 30 minutes a day, before I get out of bed. 

*Games are mediocre, but enough to fill gaps.  

I'll probably bite on the n810with the key board in a few months after
the price moderates and pass the n800 on to my daughter or wife.  
Always Fred Chittenden, DDS
drfredc at drfredc.com

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