[maemo-users] charger for the n800

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Oct 31 04:16:17 EET 2007
I would strongly suggest a "usb" recharging solution using cable from
BoxWave or JavoEdge. BoxWave's cable provides sync/charge (charge is
'cracked' out dc plug from usb power pins) and JavoEdge is charge only.
Using this I can get "charged 100%" on N800.

They work excellent via ac/wall xformer or usb hub. I have all my crap
recharging via retractible cables (pdas, 720p camera, mp3 players) and
it's quite the kewl solution.

I hate having to lug chargers around and now just carry my "master" Tumi
universal power supply and a small handful of charge cables...plus one
regular usb->mini for when I am charging/sync'g off of computer.

I also carry a regular usb extension cable and a special usb->dc adaptor
for the cameras and other 5v stuff. It's really liberating man...


Peter Flynn wrote:
> Jonathan Jesse wrote:
>> Quick question, I'm off traveling and have left the charger at home.
>> Someone at the same confrence has a n770 and I am wondering if the
>> charger is compatible?
> Jonathan Greene wrote:
>  > should be cool ...  the thin plug fits most newer nokias now
> Does this mean any Nokia charger with the thin plug will do?
> Can you buy N800 US chargers separately? This would avoid me having to 
> bring a plug-adaptor to the US (UK-style 3-square-pin mains plugs, which 
> are heavy and bulky, have a habit of dragging plug-adaptors out of US 
> wall sockets).
> ///Peter
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