[maemo-users] n800 user reviews

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 31 10:15:19 EET 2007

ext Jon Dodson wrote:
> ive checked the specs and pricing on the n800 and i was wondering if anyone
> had some honest feedback after using it for a few months++.  The review
> sites rate it based on a few days of use(if that) and thats not a really
> good review of how good or bad it is.
> i am a power user who plans on installing apt, bash, ssh(client) and
> mplayer, etc to get stuff to work like it were a small(form factor)
> laptop.   with that specifically:
> can i plug in usb stuff to it?  i can get usb converters i dont care about
> that.
> do bluetooth headsets work with it?  as in you got something to work?  if so
> what kind?
> battery is advertised to be about 3 hours for wifi and 5 for video, does
> that seem to mesh with your experience?
> does the battery life degrade over time badly?

Largest effect on the battery consumption is from WLAN access points
that don't implement the WLAN power management properly[1]  any 3rd
party stuff that you install if that SW contains something that
constantly does things on the background or uses network often.

[1] I think maemo.org contains somewhere a list of these broken
     WLAN AP devices which you could avoid.

> did you find yourself needing more than the two flash card slots?  do you
> use more than 4 gigs of storage(2 gig sd seems cheap now).

If you want to use larger memory cards, please make sure that your
N800 contains the latest release.  Earlier releases could corrupt
 >= 2GB cards:

> how is the UI overall?  i can console but i do enjoy ease of use(i find
> gnome easy to use).

	- Eero

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