[maemo-users] Tethering N800 to Sprint phone

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Wed Oct 31 17:53:24 EET 2007

my experience is with the  XV6700 on Verizon Wireless's network and it 
does tether with the N800 via bluetooth. Sprint sells (sold?) this 
handset as the PPC6700.

The successor to the PPC6700, which runs Windows Mobile 6.0 is the 
Mogul.  This is an expensive handset, however.

For more info, check out the www pages whose url's are:




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Chris Mcnally wrote:
> I am considering switching to Sprint in the US, and I would like to 
> choose a current phone that would support tethering (phone as modem) 
> with the Nokia N800. I will buy a data plan. I am not sure how to tell 
> which phones will work with the N800.
> Under the "full features" tab, Sprint shows several phones as supporting 
> "phone as a modem" but the option to buy a data plan does not appear 
> when I select any of the free phones, only the Samsung M510 which is 99 
> dollars.
> Can anyone answer which current U.S. Sprint phones, especially the sanyo 
> SCP 3200 or the LG LX160 can tether with the N800? Sprint offers windows 
> XP software to tether, but I'm not interested in that.
> Thanks in advance
> Chris
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