[maemo-users] GPE & Google calendar

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Tue Apr 1 20:46:30 EEST 2008
Larry Battraw wrote:

> There's a second option: using gpesyncd and opensync but I've not tried 
> it before and I belive it works with the Evolution Email/PIM software 
> instead.  Just something to look for when trying to find a way to make 
> it happen.  I find it very disappointing that Nokia doesn't seem to care 
> about such basic and important functionality.  It adds value and makes 
> the tablet much more than just something that surfs the web 'Ok' and 
> plays music/video fairly well (Canola).  They don't seem to recognize 
> that it's as important a requirement for some of us as a touch-screen, 
> Bluetooth, or Wi-fi.  If Palm Pilots could do it over ten years ago, 
> somehow we should be able to do it now.
> Larry

I've made that same complaint about other items.  The standard response 
from some is "well it's only an internet tablet".  Well, no it's not. 
It's a Linux box and it should be able to do anything that a desktop 
system can do, bearing in mind hardware limitations.

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