[maemo-users] writing HTML for tablets

From: Olivier Ricou maemo1 at altribe.org
Date: Sat Apr 12 20:55:15 EEST 2008
die 12/04/08, ad 19h20, Andrew Daviel <advax at triumf.ca> dixit :
> The Nokia tablets are 800x480, and I can't see pocket PC displays getting 
> much bigger than 1000x500. If they were physically larger, they would not 
> fit in a pocket, and if the pixels were smaller you would need reading 
> glasses (I already need 3 diopter glasses; I only need 1.0 for a PC 
> screen or paperbacks in good light...).

You have the feeling your eyes cannot see a higher resolution but
you are wrong (*). For usual text I agree low resolution is ok however
if you read a PDF or any antialiasing text, if you look at a movie,
you will appreciate to have a better resolution. Think that 300dpi
printers have been replaced by 600dpi ones when most screen are
less than 100dpi. I have a 1600x1200 15" screen and before I had
a 1400x1050 for the same size. I do appreciate the difference
and since my computer is quite old, I look for higher resolution.

The only limit I can see is the size of the text in mm (or inches)
which is quite different since you always can increase the size
of the font if your resolution increase. 


(*) I hope for you. What I mean is that even if you don't see
pixels, you can feel a higher resolution, it's sharper, nicer.
There must be a limit but I don't think we get it.
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