[maemo-users] writing HTML for tablets

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Apr 13 02:56:52 EEST 2008
Carlos Pinto wrote:
> Well, i know that most of you hate Flash, but flash does fit to the 
> proper page, even it scales
> the vector-fonts as long as they are embedded.
> But as mentioned: most of the *nix users hate Flash, so i assume that 
> this example is not allowed to mention *grin*

The problem with Flash is not the technology but what it is abused for: 
most Flash sites are simply marketing dross. Where it has a valid 
application, such as video chat, it is unfortunately so resource-hungry 
that while it does execute on my N800, it's so slow that a click takes 
3-4 mins to be responded to. That will improve as clock rates improve.


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