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From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 16 05:01:45 EEST 2008
2008/4/15, Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz>:
> It is still here
> http://eko.one.pl/maemo/dists/bora/user/binary-armel/becomeroot_0.1-2_armel.deband since it is simple shell script it should work on any system including
> OS2006, just install/click the deb directly, do not add Bora repository.

Again, I must thank Frantisek for his help. He also helped me a lot when I
was truly upset for not being able to install a root file system in the MMC.
At that time, I didn't even know how to edit a file with "vim"... With his
kind help, I finally succeeded, and then wrote a howto where I described all
the steps I followed, with his guidance. Just to be helpful and grateful to
the linux maemo community. I must admit that it was really hard, but I
learned a lot I didn't know about linux systems and basic administration.

But it's too much, right? I cannot accept that a deb package in a bora
folder is going to be useful for a mistral distribution. It's good that (as
you kindly warn me) it's a simple shell script and should work anyway... but
I don't want to know it. For me it's too much... I don't want to check the
contents of deb packages to see whether they are going to work on my 770 or
not. Bora means N800 and that's it. I'm supposed not to even touch that
folder. I'm not ashamed to be a linux ignorant, by the way.

When I bought my 770 nobody warned me that if I wasn't a linux hacker then
my little device would only be useful to surf the web (slowly and without
Flash and Java features).

I can install lots of applications in my cellphone (also a Nokia). But I can
install only a few applications in the 770, unless I do a (non-trivial)
trick to install them on the MMC. To learn that trick was really hard. And
Frantisek helped me a lot with that.

Now, the package I need is gone to another folder. A folder I'm supposed not
to check because I'm using mistral distribution...

That's fucking nonsense.

There's a chaos in deb packages maintaining and distribution... It's
obviously Nokia's fault... Or maybe it's my fault because I've bought a
Nokia 770 without getting first a master degree in computer science... (is
that what Marius means in his PD??).

I think that I'll be able to get my 770 booting again from MMC, but this
kind of things should never happen. At least to a simple end user...
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