[maemo-users] Battery life VERY short on N810, last OS2008...

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Mon Apr 21 13:59:05 EEST 2008
Giacomo Tufano wrote:
> After installing the last revision of OS2008 (I don't really know why 
> I did it, because I had no problem on startup) battery life is very, 
> very short. I go from full battery down to automatic shutdown in a 
> night...

One thing comes to mind : metalayer-crawler... This is going to be your 
issue. Nokia seem to deny this is a problem, indeed I've read as much on 
this list. However, the fact that with the metalayer-crawler running, I 
get about the same amount of run time as you, but disabling it, I get a 
week in stand by... I'd say Nokia are just plain WRONG!

What will disabling the crawler do? It will stop the media player 
cataloging your media files. This means you would need to manually open 
them.. yes it is a pita, but I'd far rather have realistic battery life 
than my media catalogued.

This is also an issue with MPlayer too... the recent MPlayer build also 
seems to do something similar. If I start it with my internal memory 
card in, it freezes whilst it calalogues the data, but removing the 
card, it is fine. Very annoying. At least MPlayer can be closed down 
easily though.


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