[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Apr 21 16:21:34 EEST 2008
Quim Gil wrote:
> Frantisek Dufka wrote:
>> BTW is the first 2008HE also the last one?
> Undecided. Is it worth investing more time on this?  If so, is it worth
> investing it keeping the current way or finding a way for the community
> to take over?

Current way is not ideal from the beginning. Each hacker edition so far 
was done without any public progress or discussion. So far the community 
role was mostly asking about progress with no answer, waiting, and later 
reporting bugs in garage tracker after some release appeared.

As example see garage project forum
or tracker
Mostly there is no response from project maintainers. Same happens when 
one asks here in the mailing list.

> The 770 topic itself is important according to user
> reactions in the Internet but is it out there enough users, developers
> and "install base" to make this happen?

I don't know. Maybe you have download statistics for hacker editions? 
Maybe some permanent poll/survey can be done directly on hacker edition 
download page so nobody will miss it next time? It would be interesting 
to know how many active users there are and how many of them are 
developers that are interested in helping with takeover and maintenance.

Also this is not only about 770. We are going to have same problem with 
N8x0 once next generation of (OMAP3 based?) tablets comes (hopefuly soon 
:-). There are same issues with N8x0 related to closed stuff in initfs, 
wi-fi driver, dsp etc. Installed base is bigger and we probably can't 
expect Nokia to suport N8x0 forever so sooner or later we get to the 
same point of 'hacker editions' for N8x0. If it turns out that it is not 
worthwhile for 770 due to not enough community people interested, there 
is high chance it won't be the case with N8x0. And since the problematic 
closed hardware and software is almost identical for 770 and N8x0, we 
may as well try to start with 770 now. It can take some time so if 770 
dies in obsolescence in the meanwhile, it will be just about time for 
N8x0 :-)

It is understandable Nokia (or any other company) is really bad at 
maintaining old products. Nokia people are busy working on current and 
next stuff so old stuff becomes quickly forgotten inside the company. 
Even if someone from inside wants to help, finds spare time and even 
decides he is allowed to help (almost unrealistic scenario) he finds 
that any information for older product (770 today) is gone and nobody 
knows anything anymore. The sooner company dumps such information with 
the community the better.


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