[maemo-users] Garnet VM & PIM

From: Jonathan Markevich jmarkevich+lists at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 22 19:15:16 EEST 2008
It's contained all in one big file in the /home/user/.gvm/ folder called
gvm.store. you can't really access it easily.  It could be a loopback
device, but even if it is, they haven't said anything about what filesystem
is on there.

So there are several very valid complaints here:
1) Access is running a horrible beta program.  It's "teaseware".  No user
feedback, no developer feedback.  No hint of future support.  No

2) No serious PIM on the platform.  GPE is "conceptware".  It doesn't even
handle alarms acceptably.  No icons for events.  No categories in todo.
Sync through erminig is a great hack but a nasty implementation.
Gene Cash developed some scripts in python that are better, but still miles
from a good Palm PIM, and kinda slow.  He had trouble installing OS2008 so
abandoned all the OS2008 users.  Another great hack, of course, but not
professional at all.

3) No serious contact app.  GPE contacts is not bad for accessing, but
insanity to try and format things just so so that it figures out first and
last names.  Is it really that hard to put in 2 fields for that?  Nothing is
integrated with anything else.  Skype and Gizmo are given huge prominence,
and have no connection with the system contacts list.  At least the Google
Talk client has some kind of integration...

I've pretty much given up using the tablet for PIM use for now.  I'd pay
good money for something like Pocket Informant, if they ported it. You're
almost better off getting the smallest Palm handheld you can find and
carrying that alongside.

4) Data exchange is buggy across the board.  gpesyncd can do it, but you
have to fuss with your file for a long time before it's happy.  Check the
ITT forums for some people that have done it, in a few different ways.

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 12:26 PM, Mark <wolfmane at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anybody know where the Garnet VM keeps its user files? I can't
> get it to import any of  my files from my Palm device, and after a
> "successful" hotsync, the VM won't launch at all, even after
> uninstalling and reinstalling the Garnet VM. There's obviously
> something incompatible in my files, but I can't find out what without
> being able to try my files one at a time, and the Garnet launcher
> won't allow me to install or otherwise access any of my Palm databases
> or other user files, only applications.
> The Access Web site isn't any help, and it won't even let me submit a
> compatibility report. I've tried manually searching my N800's
> directories with emelFM2, but I'm not finding anything that looks like
> Palm files, and the "Search" app is just as worthless as the built-in
> file manager because it won't search the whole file system and doesn't
> show the path to files.
> The Garnet VM is of no use to me if I can't use it to access my Palm
> address book. (That's also my #1 gripe with the Nokia tablet, by the
> way - there's yet to be any app for it that can sucessfully import my
> contacts in *any* format, including multiple-entry vCard and .csv.)
> I wish there were a usable PIM for the Internet Tablets. I've tried
> the gpe suite, and it will only import a single vCard at a time, and
> that's an extreme PITA. Gpe won't import csv files at all. I could
> retype all the entries just as easily, but since I have hundreds of
> entries that's not going to happen.
> Mark
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