[maemo-users] Adding/changing browser helper applications in N8*0

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Thu Apr 24 23:06:27 EEST 2008
Does anyone know how to change the helper applications in Firefox on the 
N810 ?

On my desktop, it's gotten slightly messy since Netsscape 2 but Firefox 
still reads standard /etc/mailcap and ~/.mailcap and uses those, even if 
it does have an XML/RDF file in preferences..

On the tablet, strace shows the browser reading these files but it 
ignores the contents.
I found it reading /etc/gnome/defaults.list.
If I add an entry to use "mplayer", it doesn't work.
However, if I copy /usr/share/applications/hildon/mplayer.desktop
to /usr/share/applications/hildon/hildon-mplayer.desktop,
then the browser will start mplayer with the graphical interface.
But it doesn't have open the file or URL.

On my desktop, I had been playing with streaming and playlists; to get 
this to work, I had to create a script to parse video/quicktime
files to see if they were playlists (with an RTSP URL), or
actual media - they have the same MIME type. Other types such as
MPEG and MP3 usually have a different MIME type for the playlist
or redirector, so I can launch mplayer directly:

video/x-mpegurl;mplayer -playlist %s;
video/x-ms-wvx;mplayer -playlist %s;
video/x-ms-wmv;mplayer %s
video/x-msvideo;mplayer %s

I'm not sure such a thing would even work on the tablet; it looks like
all helpers have to be fully hildonized so an intermediate script will 
not work.

(mplayer is more efficient than Nokia's media player - it will play
larger formats without skipping, and it has more codecs so will
play some AVIs and MPEGs that the Nokia one won't)

- is there Plugger or equivalent for the tablets ?
Generally I find it easier to use helpers from a link as often
pages with embedded objects assume you have the standard Windows plugin
with some particular size, interface etc. but on occasion Plugger has 
worked for me.

The other thing I had wanted to do was run different profiles - one for 
connecting via a cellphone (no images), and one via WiFi. And maybe one
via open WiFi (tunnel though SSH to a proxy elsewhere) as I do on my 
laptop. But "browser -P" does not work.

I found /home/user/.browser which I might be able to tweak to
change the image settings. Proxy settings are tweakable via 
"about:config" though I haven't got an equivalent to profile changing 

Andrew Daviel

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