[maemo-users] OpenOffice (was Bluetooth keyboard?)

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Sat Apr 26 00:23:40 EEST 2008
Mark wrote:
> No, we can't! That's the point! Often there is no wireless access in
> the time and place where the document needs to be *edited* or created,
> not simply viewed. 
  If there is cell phone access, and your cell phone has internet
access, it seems you ought to be able to connect to the net via
bluetooth with your internet tablet.  Or so I've been led to believe,
having not tried it.  Perhaps when the tablet wimax option shows up any
problems accessing the net will go away.

  With internet access of some sort, you can access your desktop with
your tablet via something like logmein.com's free service.  (You'll need
to set up a free account at home on your desktop and leave your desktop
on so you can access it remotely).   With logmein, you can open and
manipulate (aka edit) most any file on your desktop remotely from
anywhere in the world you've got internet access.   To be able to print
and share files easily between tablet and desktop, logmein offers a
modestly priced monthly service which many find useful.  A couple
caveat's are security at public wifi hot spots might be marginal.
Also, it's somewhat clumsy typing things on the n800 without an external
keyboard of some sort.  Should be no problem on the n810.  Finally,
there are modest limits on screen transfer speed and perhaps color
depth.  (aka, don't expect to play games remotely)...

  FYI, this works well enough for me to access the appointment book,
patient files and xrays remotely to deal with emergency calls.  Access
takes around a minute or so.  My bookkeeper uses logmein via her home
computer to connect at work to do a lot of her bookkeeping and payroll
stuff.  It's kind of wierd to see the screen on her computer at the
office balancing the check book, writing checks and what not without
anyone at the work station.  Also, this means you can use a linux based
tablet to run and edit Windows files with ease...

  If you absolutely need to edit files locally without wifi, and want
pretty decent compact portable computing power perhaps you ought to get
yourself a eee pc (4G or larger).  The 9" sceen is coming soon, 7" units
with webcam are nice. (same size profile for both).  It comes with full
OpenOffice and keyboard on Xandros or Ubuntu linux's and an option to
load XP.   Plus if you've got wifi, it's got video Skype and/or perhaps
Gizmo Project.  It's also got video out that could feed a computer
screen/projector.  On the downside, the eee pc is a bit too large for a
pocket like the tablets.  It's about 1/3 the size of the average laptop
-- fits in a small purse, briefcase, or bun pack just fine.  Just don't
expect it to operate as a wifi phone sitting in your pocket like the
tablets, listen to Mp3s sitting in your pocket, no bluetooth without a
USB dongle, nor can you easily sit and poke around files on an eee pc
without a table like you can with the tablet.  Battery life isn't
anywhere near as good as the tablets.

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