[maemo-users] Garnet VM & PIM

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Mon Apr 28 02:28:08 EEST 2008
On Monday 28 April 2008 00:01:47 Tim Ashman wrote:
> I tried this from the command line and received this error.
> "import_vcard: Error reading card file addresses.vcf: required attribute N
> is missing!"

The .vcf file is invalid: it is missing the "N" attribute, which the standard 
is very clear is required in all vCards.

I am very interested to find out what system generated this invalid vCard and 
also to see the invalid vCard(s).  If possible, please send me the vCard file 
by email off the list (I will keep it confidential).  If you can't send me 
the whole file, please send me at least one card and change any data you want 
(but please keep the structure, all the fields and things like spaces within 
the fields).

If the system which generated the invalid vCard is still maintained (e.g. not 
an old Palm application) please report the bug to the originating system: GPE 
may not be the only application which rejects their invalid vCards.


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