[maemo-users] Hacker Edition (was Re: Is OS2006 still supported?)

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Apr 28 13:18:42 EEST 2008

ext Mark wrote:
> On the contrary, this is a perfect example of *exactly* why only Nokia
> can reasonably deal with this kind of issue.

Flash, Skype and etc are third party commercial licensed software. We
can perhaps help with drivers and similar system level components needed
to get a device running that are obscure to end users. These branded
features with consumer impact fall imho in a different ballpark.

This is only my opinion, but if the Hacker Edition is about community
emancipation then the community needs to find hackable solutions, which
at the end means open source solutions.

In this case, putting all the expectation on the Nokia-Adobe commercial
agreements is a way of deviating the attention from potential
alternatives closer to the core of the issue and its solutions i.e.
http://opensource.adobe.com/ or http://wiki.gnashdev.org/BuildMatrix

We at Nokia rather concentrate on the things that depend directly on us.
I hope you understand.


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