[maemo-users] Swap space: how is it allocated / released?

From: Denis DeLaRoca delaroca at mminternet.com
Date: Wed Jan 2 11:58:27 EET 2008

How's swap space allocated on the internal SD card on IT OS? I thought it 
was by means of a separate partition but when mounting the SD card on 
Destop linux system (via USB) only a single 'msdos' partition is shown.

I have an 8 GB card (brand X) that was being used in the internal slot of 
my N800 -- with swapping enabled. I used the card on a Linux Desktop 
system after partitioning / formatting (fdisk and mkfs.msdos) it with a 
single 'msdos' partition.

Now the card shows a [useable] Total Space that is exactly 128 MB less 
than my other (brand Y) cards -- 7.52 GB vs 7.64. One explanation could be 
that brand-X cards indeed have less space than brand-Y cards... but I 
suspect it has more to do with the fact that I repartitioned and 
reformated the card -- and somehow lost the original swap allocation.

Any thoughts, anyone?

-- Denis

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