[maemo-users] ssh -x screen control

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Wed Jan 2 19:42:37 EET 2008
I've got a little problem that I hope someone can help me with.

I'm using the n810 with latest firmware.

I like to ssh (openssh not dropbear) into my home linux machine and run 
various apps, etc.  I use the command

ssh -p xxxx tim at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -X

I then run commands like so

kmail &
knode &

When I run apps they all work great especially now that the builtin keyboard 
is recognized by the remote.  However I have one last problem...

If I minimize or in anyway move away from the remoted app I can't get back.  
If I goto the terminal session it is still at the command prompt.  I can't 
find my X session anywhere.  Can someone help.


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