[maemo-users] Map applications - N800 OS2008

From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Thu Jan 3 06:29:34 EET 2008
    While it's a 700M file, for just the USA west coast, the map does 
seem to have better listings for finding businesses and the like than my 
auto's GPS.  For example, I'm not sure how it ended up on the list, but 
even my small dental practice could be searched out on the Nokia map 
West Coast Map as a 'medical' facility in my area.  For all I know, for 
my business to get listed on my auto's GPS, some pockets need to be 
lined with $omething... 

     The fine print on the Nokia 2008 maps, at least for my n800, is how 
for the last week or so it's shown up on the App Manager update list, 
but the update always fails with a message of some sort.   Ditto for 
Skype installation...  

Serious Thread drift...

    IMHO, when the App Manager has a failed install or update, an 
automated bug dialog box ought to show up for users to click to report 
the failure to where ever/whomever it needs to get reported to. 

Cat's Meow -- if something on the App Manager's list shows a significant 
failure trend, it ought to be automatically removed from the App Manager 
list until it's issues are resolved -- whatever it takes to get 
developers more responsive to bug ridden code.  There's WAY TOO MUCH 
JUNK lurking as available on App Manager that doesn't work for one 
reason or another for most end users to deal with. 

    Sadly, Maemo seems to offer a very subjective standard when it comes 
to releasing buggy/stable alpha/beta/'stable' code.   Some developers 
seem to be very sensitive to quality, other's are open to labeling code 
as stable even faster than Microsoft -- whatever markets.  

    For starters, it wouldn't seem overly difficult to set some 
automated/objective Maemo standard that matched # of attempted downloads 
with variants of faulty App Manager behavior to help determine 
alpha/beta/stable code boundaries.  Add in bug reports if you wish...

    It's a failure in logic for something like "MediaBox" to show up on 
the 2008 Maemo product download list when it requires one to install the 
2008OS MPlayer which is still lurking somewhere in the garage.  Perhaps 
Skype and Maps are similar...? 

     Software is only as stable as it's weakest link -- if part of an 
app's required code in in the garage, all code dependent upon it should 
remain in the garage...   IMHO....

Tim Ashman wrote:
> You are correct.  Go into the map app, then the menu, maps, available maps and 
> select and download one.  Keep in mind the US west coast map alone is almost 
> 700M
> tim
> On 01/02/2008 16:05, Josh Z wrote:
>> I think the map on n800 is empty by default... Do I need to download free
>> maps from somewhere on the web and then copy them to the relevant folder?  
>> Would appreciate specifics.
>> Josh
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