[maemo-users] MPlayer and Free42 for OS 2008

From: William Gordon Rutherdale will.rutherdale at utoronto.ca
Date: Thu Jan 3 13:00:06 EET 2008
It's unlikely this is "some weird format", since I worked from a 
legitimate source that would have used standard North American video and 
audio formats.  Moreover, as I stated in the original posting, when I 
play it on my regular linux box, it comes out just fine.  It is only the 
N800 that has problems.

More likely it is a transcoding issue.  Possibly for instance the audio 
is encoded in ac3 and the N800 doesn't support it.  I'll have to dig 
around to confirm some of this.  It would help if someone could point 
out to me what codecs are available on the N800.


Andrew Flegg wrote:
> ----- Original message -----
>> Here is the command line I used to create it:
>> $ mencoder dvd://4 -o the_way_c.avi -srate 44100 -oac copy -ovc lavc
> [snip]
>> I personally don't know what all those options mean, but I got them from
>> playing with the script tablet-encode.  tablet-encode failed, but I
>> adapted its parameters and ran the above command by hand.  For instance
>> I put dvd://4 near the beginning myself.
> What version of tablet-encode and how did it fail? My guess is that the existing audio stream was unplayable and in some weird format, but for some reason, tablet-encode is copying that audio stream.
> Please feel free to,send me details, or raise a bug in the tablet-encode tracker on garage.
> TIA,
> Andrew
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