[maemo-users] ANNOUNCE: Internet Communications Software Update 2 for N800/N810

From: Naba Kumar naba.kumar at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 3 16:53:55 EET 2008

We are happy to announce the release of 'Internet Communications
Software development update 2' for Maemo. This update brings you the
latest developments in Internet messaging and call on Nokia n8x0
devices. http://rtcomm.garage.maemo.org/

This is a development release and therefore may not be suitable for
serious use. However, if you are interested in trying out cool things,
the update should be fairly usable.

What is it?
Internet Communications Software is an integrated subsystem of Internet
tablet OS 2008, running on Nokia n8x0 devices, that handles presence,
chat, voip and video call. It is based on Telepathy framework and
components as explained at http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/

What is new?
Number of things have improved since the public release (Internet tablet
OS 2008). Following are some of them:

1) Telepathy-haze:
Now you can use nearly all of the great IM services supported by pidgin
(formerly known as gaim) open-source application - all from the comfort
for your native IM/Voip client in your N8x0 device.

To see the list of services/protocols supported by pidgin, visit:
http://www.pidgin.im/. Please note that not all protocols are enabled
for now, but they can be added later on.

To use it, simply create your IM account in the device normally and the
wizard will let you select the type of service you want (you will see
more services listed there).

2) Telepathy-salut:
Be connected to your neighbourhood instantly. This is a link-local
instant messaging that requires no external service or server. Your
buddy list (roster) will automatically consist of everyone present in
the local network. Extremely useful for on-the-spot social networking in
parties or conferences :) .

Oh, and it is zero configuration IM. You only set your full name for
others to see. To use it, simply create an account using the wizard in
and select 'link-local (xmpp)' as the service.

3) Chat log viewer:
If you have wished you could see your past chat messages for reference
or simply to recall some important information, worry no more. With
IMLogViewer application (installed in 'Extra' application menu), you
will be able to see all your past chat messages exchanged with your friends.

4) SIP profiles:
There are now some pre-configured SIP profiles for some major providers.
This would ease configuring SIP accounts in the device. They are:

       * Ekiga.net
       * FreeWorldDialup
       * Sipphone.com (Gizmo's SIP service)

Note:You can also create profiles yourself by adding a profile
description file (.profile) to the directory /usr/share/osso-rtcom/ (See
existing profiles for an example).

1) You need to enable 'red pill mode' in device's Application Manager.
     - Start "Settings > Application Manager",
     - Go to "Tools > Application catalogue" and click "New",
     - Enter "matrix" into the "Web Address" field and click "Cancel".
     - Choosing the red pill will activate the red pill mode.
     - Obviously, and choosing the blue one will deactivate it.

2) Open (while on your N8x0 device):

3) Install the installer from there.
4) Once installed, select the menu item "Extras/RTCom update installer"
and continue
5) When asked, reboot
6) Once rebooted, make sure to disable 'red pill mode' by repeating
step (1) and selecting 'blue pill' instead.

1. No audio/video calls with either telepathy-haze or telepathy-salut
2. No avatars support yet in telepathy-salut
3. No authorization of new contacts in telepathy-haze. Adding/removing
buddies won't work from it yet.

Known issues:

WARNING: This software upgrade disables some of the Application Manager
functionality, so the official system packages won't get updated
automatically. But still you can update these packages manually using
the apt-get utility or the Application Manager in the "red pill" mode.

Thanks to: Will Thompson (telepathy-haze guy) and Sjoerd Simons
(telepathy-salut guy) for their great telepathy connection managers.
Telepathy community for improving everything in general. Collabora,
OpenHand teams and everyone else who has helped it get through.

You are welcome to give your feedback on this software to:

* maemo-devel mailing list: maemo-developers[at]maemo.org
* Maemo bugzilla, RTCom component: http://bugzilla.maemo.org/
* Rtcomm mailing address: rtcomm[at]maemo.org

Thanks and Happy new year!

- Real Time Communications team, Maemo

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