[maemo-users] Map applications - N800 OS2008

From: Tuomas Kulve tuomas at kulve.fi
Date: Thu Jan 3 18:54:46 EET 2008
Martin Grimme wrote:
> Hi,
> 2008/1/3, Tim Ashman <tim at ashmans.net>:
>> You are correct.  Go into the map app, then the menu, maps, available maps and
>> select and download one.  Keep in mind the US west coast map alone is almost
>> 700M
> Whenever I try this on my N800 (the latest OS 2008, the same problem
> was with OS 2008 beta), I always immediately get an error message
> "download failed".
> Any clue what goes wrong there?

Do you have enough space on the internal mmc?

I didn't and it just kept downloading without making any progress. But I
didn't get any errors, so maybe this is a separate issue.

It seems to be easy to switch to external card, if you have at least
some kilobytes free on the internal card. Start the Map, close it, move
the Map directory from the internal card to the external and start the
Map again. Then it finds the Map on the external card and uses it happily.


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