[maemo-users] WiFi Connection Problem - N800

From: Kalle Valo kalle.valo at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 4 14:16:23 EET 2008
"ext James Knott" <james.knott at rogers.com> writes:

>> This is a software limitation. IEEE 802.1x with WEP encryption is not
>> supported by our current software implementation. It's because 802.1x
>> with WEP is considered lecacy implementation and it's being phased out
>> by WPA and WPA2.
>> this has been unsupported with 770, N800 and N810 products, so it's
>> not a new issue.


>> Oh, I just noticed that I accidentally left out the words "WEP
>> encryption" from my previous mail. IEEE 802.1x is supported with TKIP
>> and AES encryptions, but not with WEP encryption. Sorry for the
>> confusion.
> Better not tell that to my N800 running OS2008.  I can connect at both
> home and work, using WEP.

You are confusing different authentication methods here. I was talking
specifically about IEEE 802.1x authentication with WEP encryption,
which predates WPA. Basically you need to have a radius server with
EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLS or EAP-TLS running on your network to make it work.

I bet you are using the normal WEP encryption with Open System
authentication, as almost all WEP users do. That has been supported
from day one.

This all is very confusing because IEEE 802.11 is full of acronyms and
special terms. That's why it's also very difficult to create good UI
for users.

Here are some references in case your are interested:


Kalle Valo

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