[maemo-users] video4linux

From: Chris Dobbs chris_dobbs at dobbscr.karoo.co.uk
Date: Fri Jan 4 14:46:11 EET 2008
Does anyone know if video4linux is fully supported under the N800? I have some code which I am planning to port which is an attempt at a cross-platform video capture API (I know , the holy grail of software but it seems to work ok under linux, win32 and OSX) - The linux version uses video4linux for the video primitives so would be great if theis would port directly - not sure waht the performance will be like though...I am limiting the resolution to 176x144 atm so it should be fine for this?!

BTW my code is based on the portVideo project as this provided good win32 support using DShow so I 'borrowed that'
Pretty much re-wrote the linux and OSX versions as this was not complete and very buggy.
Also extended the API to provide a comprehensive screen manipulation API - so you create custom video windows and assign differnt feeds to them - also movement of windows covered.

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