[maemo-users] modest persistence

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Jan 4 14:36:03 EET 2008
Jonathan Greene wrote:
> Don't you think you make a good case for using imap

Maybe, however my ISP doesn't/hasn't provided me with an IMAP account 
(to the best of my knowledge - they have been taken over 3 times and 
rebranded at least twice.) Also, this solution has worked for over 10 
years (since ~ 1998 in fact, though I've had the account since 1995.). 
My creaky old PalmPilot Professional handled it fairly successfully, my 
long gone Handspring Visor also handled it, and my Sharp Zaurus Sl5500 
did a reasonable job too. Modest seemed to work, until it decided to 
take unreasonable amounts of time to sync the headers.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Modest, per se, but it should be 
able to handle this situation gracefully too.


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