[maemo-users] Is the iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim compatible with the n800?

From: Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Date: Fri Jan 4 19:05:03 EET 2008
Randall wrote:
> Steve Yelvington wrote:
>> Mine arrived yesterday. There's a bit of keyboard lag that I'm 
>> attributing to the OS, not the keyboard. The unit is very sturdy and 
>> seems to be of high quality.
>> Has anybody experimented with X11 key bindings to take advantage of the 
>> Stowaway's function keys?
>> Also, does anybody have advice on getting the gummy adhesive off the 
>> keys and the sticker off the back? The moron at iGo who decided to glue 
>> the opening/closing instructions to the unit should be fired before 
>> he/she does further damage.
> GAWD! I thought I was the only one - was going to return it. I used 
> (ready...) paint thinner on/in a paper towel, squeezed out and it took 
> it right off and did NOT take anything else off.
> Looks like new.
No, you weren't the only one. I used my fingernail and a lot of rubbing
with my fingers. I was afraid to use any kind of solvent. It took a
while, but it wore off.


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