[maemo-users] Which scratchbox you used for Maemo?

From: Jakov giaodichdientu at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 5 21:53:51 EET 2008
On Jan 6, 2008 2:09 AM, Jayesh Salvi <jayesh at altfrequency.com> wrote:

> I am using the maemovmware latest VM image. If you do 'uname -a' you will
> see the arch to be i686. My host platform is Fedora 7, x86_64. I have read
> elsewhere that there are some problems with 64-bit scratchbox running maemo
> SDK. So I recommend using this 32-bit VM.

Thank you! But I'm building a common VM for my group to work. Everything is
setup, only maemo still stuck here. I also think that both VM (this one) and
the live CD is not for me in this case. Wish that someone would give me a
portable maemo, just unpack and run, hix.

> It is very well designed and it is a debian derivative (ubuntu). The only
> problem I had was its n/w settings. I use bridged networking for my VMs, the
> other settings (NAT and host-only have never worked for me). This machine by
> default is configured with NAT settings. I had hard time getting it working.
> Eventually last night, I copied the vmdk file of this VM and created new VM
> out of it with Bridged networking. After booting I had to change
> /etc/network/interfaces and replace eth0 by eth1. Then
> /etc/init.d/networking restart, got my network up.
> ... in any case, this is a great VM and saves you lot of trouble
> installing SB.
> Jayesh

Okay, it's just my private problem. I'm glad that we have such a good tool
to work with Nokia development!

And once more, let me ask (in vain? hope not) that have anyone succeeded in
using maemo on Fedora 8 x86_64? I'm very sorry that I've disturbed your guys
with this stupid problem, but how can I not do that if I'm stuck at the very
beginning? I'm going to downgrade to maemo 3.x or maemo sdk+. :((

Thanks for your help so far.
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