[maemo-users] Email imap client that understands directories

From: David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Date: Sat Jan 5 22:38:33 EET 2008
Tuomas Kulve wrote:
> David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>> useless.  Is there an option I'm missing?  Or a better email client? 
> Alternative choice:
> http://garage.maemo.org/projects/claws-mail/

It does indeed see my subdirectories under the List directory.

Unfortunately, they go off the bottom of the screen, and the scroll bar 
says the display is at the bottom, it apparently doesn't know they take 
up space.

Also, how do I disable or remove the default email client?  It doesn't 
appear in the application manager anywhere I can find.

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